R&R Woodworkers uses northern white CEDAR in all their products. Northern white cedar is naturally resistant to moisture,

 decay, and insects

Some customers choose to allow their furniture to weather. Left natural, cedar will turn a silvery gray patina. Any oil meant to be

 used on cedar (usually linseed based) will protect the wood and preserve the color. Other customers stain or oil their pieces.

Please do not use polyurethane or a water sealer on raw cedar.

 Our furniture is quite heavy. The Large chair weighs 30 pounds.

 Please see the dimensions page for dimensions of our products. For Discounts please see the “About Us” page.

 Fire Pit Bench $ 195 each (2 benches in photo)

 Chairset $ 475(one piece)      Footrests       $ 60 each   

  Large Chair $ 215                    End Table      $ 75

 Large Rocker $ 235                 

 Small Chair $ 110                    Small Rocker $ 120

  6’ Cedar Picnic Table (2x6 construction)      $ 395 (with attached benches)

8’ tables, those with separate benches, and trestle style tables are also available.

     Ski Chair, made of recycled skis!   A great recycled use for skis you no longer use!   

    $ 245

    Provide us with skis you no longer use, either Nordic or Alpine, or we will provide the skis.


    Cedar Nightstand $ 75


    Woodburned cedar bird feeders, $ 30, cedar coat racks 3' - $ 30, 4' - $ 40